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Some Recommended Antivirus Programs and Their Key Features

Some Recommended Antivirus Programs and Their Key Features

Some Recommended Antivirus Programs and Their Key Features – For PC users, antiviruses are important software to install. It is true that most operating system such as Windows and MacOS, there is already default antivirus or antimalware program that can be activated automatically. The security protections are already provided and it becomes one of the features of the operating system. However, these may not be enough to provide good securities. Moreover, you may need to have the antivirus from third party when you are quite active in using internet. Malwares, viruses, and ransomware are everywhere and these can bring problems once your PC is infected. Cybercrimes that happen in recent years are also related to various viruses that are downloaded without you knowing as you are using the internet. In this case, there are many kinds of antivirus software that you can choose. These are some recommendation for you.

First, it is ESET NOD32. Some people normally called it ESET or NOD32. This is one of the best antiviruses that can be found nowadays. The developer keeps improving its technologies and brings more updates and features to provide better shield against the viruses. Based on some independent tests, the antivirus can get high score and even it is considered higher than other popular antivirus programs. Its protection is great and most viruses can be detected and quarantined. However, what is more interesting about this antivirus is that it has high-tech features. NOD32 is known for its excellent features that will be very suitable for those who love to have customized settings in working with the antivirus program. There are many features and mechanism to improve its protection. One of them is UEFI or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. As its name, UEFI is an interface that gives accesses for users to scan and even customize how the antivirus works.

Next, it is G Data. Based on statement in its official website, G Data was released for the first time in 1985. If it is true, then it can be one of the oldest antivirus programs and it also means that its developers are excellent to make the antivirus still can develop until now. Years of experiences surely can become one of its qualities. However, what is more important about antivirus is not merely in its experiences, but it is more about its capability in detecting viruses and also provides good protection for every file in your PC. Based on the tests, G Data got high scores to show that it works well in protecting files and detecting viruses. Of course, its long histories still have its own benefit that make G Data develops some nice features and bonuses that can be obtained from the antivirus program. One of them is spam filtering and it can be useful to prevent incoming spams that can appear and mostly carry malware or ransomware. There is also BankGuard protection that will give secure transaction when you perform transaction with your PC.

Norton becomes other recommended antivirus. Most PC users surely know the name of this antivirus. It may not be as old as G Data, but Norton has become famous and prominent name of antivirus for many years. However, Norton does not depend on the popularity to make it still useable and even get recommended for users. Based on some tests, it is proven that its popularity comes from its great performance in dealing with viruses. Many ransomware with high level of danger are tested and Norton can still handle them well. Next, Norton develops interesting system of firewall. The firewall is not only to protect the PC and data from external risks, but also it protects the PC from internal risks. It can detect the risks quickly and give you clear notification so you can take action as soon as possible. Then, it has feature of backup system so you will not need to install additional app for data backup.

Webroot becomes good choice of antivirus. This is known as one of the antiviruses with small size of files. The size of its app can be tiny because it utilizes cloud storage. Thus, it will not take much space in your drive. Of course, you may have concern regarding its performance. It still needs to get connected to the cloud and then it may also affect its performance and even its scanning speed. In fact, it does not hinder its performances. The antivirus still can detect and even remove most of popular viruses and ransomware. However when it detects unknown viruses, it will take different action and you will be notified. Thus, unwanted programs still can be detected easily by the antivirus. Its performance is proven great. Its cloud system still works well although it is better to always make sure that you are connected to the internet to get full protection from the antivirus. As for its features, one of them can help you to recover the ransomware damage. In other words, you still have chances to save or recover your infected files without deleting them completely.

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